What to do

If you would like to see more walking in your neighbourhood, most likely there are a few people living near you who feel the same. They might be parents at the school, local politicians or just people who care about their neighbourhood. If you can get those people together you can work together to make change happen!

Get organised

You can organise a meeting by putting up a flyer at local schools, businesses and booking a room at your local library (it's free to book rooms for community groups). If you want some advice on how to go about it Queensland Walks can run a training sessions to give you advice. We can probably put you in touch with other interested people in your neighbourhood.

At your meetings you can talk about how to improve walking conditions, which include are shade trees, safe crossings, footpaths, and seating. You could suggest these in a letter to your local councillor.

Ideally if you start a local group you could keep it going with regularly walks and meetings. You could call yourself the Walking Action Group for your neighbourhood and get your group listed on our website so other people can get in touch; and with more people you'll get better results.

Walking Audit

A local walking audit can really highlight the areas for improvement in your neighbourhood. Here's a form that can help you and again queensland walks runs regular sessions to show you how you can easily audit the streets of your neighbourhood.

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