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Cool and Covered presentation by Louise Baldwin, QUT

On Thursday 19th November Queensland Walks were fortunate to host Louise Baldwin from the QUT Cool and Covered program to talk about the importance of designing shading and shady environments in built and natural environments that benefit pedestrians. This presentation was hosted during National Skin Cancer Action Week

You can view a pre-recorded copy of the presentation here

To access the presentation, use the password *$3vGnij

Cool and Covered is a world first collaboration of design and health sectors aiming to improving effective shaded spaces and sun protective apparel where Queenslanders live, work, play and learn.

Unlike so many other diseases, medical research has proven that this cancer is largely preventable and detectable early. To do this, we need everybody’s help. Everybody can play a role in their community, school, workplace, sports club and local organisation. We need to create effectively shaded environments that make the healthy choice the easy choice, with better access to sun protective apparel and greater education and awareness, with policies to support this.Together we can make a Cool and Covered Queensland, where skin cancer rates are dramatically reduced, active lifestyles are encouraged and healthy communities are supported.

We would like to thank  Louise Baldwin for her time and valuable research and we look forward to continuing our discussions on building healthy communities. #wewalkqld #qldwalks

   Top Tips for Shade Design.  Source: Cool and Covered

We’ve compiled a handy list of what to keep in mind when designing sun protective shade and what to avoid. Using a combination of good shade characteristics while avoiding poor designs will result in a more sun-protective and enjoyable shaded area.

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