Here’s our Draft Letter Template for writing to local Councillors, State or Federal MPs.

Walkability: How we could improve our community.

Dear [Name of Representative]

Recently I walked in [street, suburb] with [my grandmother, my son] and noticed [Insert possible options such as Missing footpath / The footpath was narrow / A trip hazard, the footpath needs urgent maintenance / A missing kerb ramp / No safe crossing / A dangerous slip lane / The footpath needs some tree shading or seating / The signalised crossing was very long (insert wait time in minutes & seconds) / Vehicle speeds were too fast / It is inaccessible because ] or [Insert possible positive options such as A nice wide and connected footpath, A shady footpath, a kerb ramp].

[Optional: Add further detail if necessary]

We should be making walking an easy choice for everyone, every day. Walking is good for local business, and helps to connect the community. Walking is a way for us to get to the shops, to schools and public transport, it helps with health and wellbeing, and reduces congestion in the area, not to mention the environmental benefits. Walking is also the most popular form of recreation in Queensland, and every single resident is a walker or stroller.

I request that you investigate this issue urgently.

If you and your team would like to take a walk with me to see and talk about these concerns, please call / email on [email address],

Yours in walking,



This walking and strolling letter has been designed by Queensland Walks Incorporated with the assistance of Queensland Government funding through the Action Plan for Walking, Queensland Walking Strategy.

Queensland Walks aims to see more Queenslanders walking more often. Queensland Walks’ vision is for healthier Queenslanders living in walkable neighbourhoods where they walk more often, and every day. Contact or support the work of Queensland Walks by becoming a member or friend.

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