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E-mobility and walking in Queensland. Tell us what you think!

The Brisbane City Council issued a Draft e-mobility strategy in the Brisbane local government area.

This strategy deals with the proposed expansion of the use of e-scooter, e-bike hire and private use, and other potential e-devices. Whilst this strategy relates to Brisbane, we are looking for feedback from walkers across Queensland to help inform our response to Brisbane and other councils in the future. The purchase and use of e-devices has seen an influx of people using the footpaths in Queensland in very different ways. In Queensland, e-devices (like e-bikes, e-scooters, e-skateboards) are allowed to use the footpath.

While you can submit feedback on the draft e-mobility strategy directly to council, we’d like to hear your views to help inform our response to local government. As this is one of the first e-mobility strategies in Queensland, we are interested to hear from Queensland walkers, or visitors who walk in Queensland.

Queensland Walks is supportive of the use of e-devices as one option in a broader range of active travel and inclusive modal options so that we all can get to where we need to go! We want to ensure that people who walk*, can walk freely, feel safe and comfortable on the footpath and on shared paths. Queensland Walks is concerned that the safety of walkers has been overlooked, especially for people who have a disability like a vision or hearing impairment, older people, are injured or are parents and walk with their small children. As a person who walks, we would like to hear your feedback and experiences with e-devices in the places where people walk.

Please note, responses to the Brisbane City Council draft e-mobility strategy are due by 28th February so we ask for your help in responding to this survey in time for us to prepare a submission to Council.

 Your feedback will help Queensland Walks form policy, position statements and strategy responses. The survey will remain open until the end of March 2021. 

Queensland Walks uses the Queensland Transport and Main Roads (TMR) definition of walking:
When we talk about walking, we also include jogging, running, and moving with the help of a mobility device (such as a wheelchair, mobility cane or a walking frame).

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