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Exploring our rich history with Walkabout Cultural Adventures


Nestled in the lush Daintree region is a locally owned an犀利士 d operated tour business that offers visitors a rare opportunity to connect with First Nations culture while exploring the breathtaking landscapes and walkways of this ancient land. Walkabout Cultural Adventures was created by Juan Walker, a Kuku Yalanji man form Mossman in far north […]

Dreamtime connections with Ben Barker

Walking is something our people have been doing for many thousands of years. Walkabout is the word we use to describe taking time out and going for a walk and connecting with land and country. And we still do that today. When you walkabout, you just get on the street and connect your feet to […]

On the Rail Trail with Andrew Demack

Brisbane Valley Rail Trail

Seeking somewhere nice to walk? Why not try a rail trail! We’re all looking for somewhere pleasant to exercise. Somewhere with great scenery, somewhere quiet, away from the cars, away from the noise and stress of the city. Queensland has an amazing resource that celebrates the history of our state while providing a safe place to exercise. […]

5 great South East Queensland walking destinations accessible by public transport


Tracy Kolbe-Alexander Prof Tracy Kolbe-Alexander is Associate Head of School (Research), and the program Discipline Lead for Public Health in the School of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Southern Queensland, as well as Honorary Associate Professor at the University of Cape Town (South Africa). The focus of Tracy’s research is on the […]

Queensland’s best accessible tourism destinations

Accessible tourism

Image credit: Tourism and Events Queensland   The Queensland Government announced 2023 as the Year of Accessible Tourism. We are delighted! This announcement will support Queensland to provide greater destination experiences for all holidaymakers in Queensland. Accessible and inclusive tourism means making sure everyone can take part in tourism experiences. This involves creating a welcoming […]

Soft Hiking: Embracing Nature’s Gentle Call


What is the new ‘Soft Hiking’ Tik Tok trend? While adrenaline-pumping adventures like extreme hiking and rock climbing are popular in Queensland, there’s a quieter, more serene approach to exploring the region’s breathtaking landscapes: soft hiking. Soft hiking, also known as gentle hiking or easy hiking, offers a wonderful opportunity for both nature enthusiasts and […]

Walking with the Indigenous Marathon Foundation

By Anna Campbell On a Saturday in June, I joined the Indigenous Marathon Foundation – Mitchelton RAW walk and run group, for a reconciliation parkrun at Mitchelton.   There were around 15 or so walkers and runners taking part, and everyone was incredibly supportive and encouraging. Along the way, we chatted about IMF RAW and its […]

Ritwik’s story: How walking can build communities

Ritwik Swain stands leaning against a bus sign waiting for the bus

“Being able to easily, safely and happily walk in a neighbourhood means a community that is more social. It is very conducive to building community,” says researcher Dr Ritwik Swain. Ritwik is a well travelled individual who enjoys walking wherever he is based; formerly from Brisbane and now based in the Netherlands. “I really like […]

Craig’s story: Making places safer for kids to walk, run, roll or stroll

Craig’s Story: Safer streets for children “When I walk with my children, I get to see the world through their eyes and delight in their delight,” says Dr. Craig Barrett who lives in regional Queensland at Point Vernon, Hervey Bay. “We find secret paths that most people never know of, and revel in the deliciousness […]

Mydi and Daniel’s story: Safe cities for women and girls

When it’s footy season, Mydi and her dad, Daniel, like to walk and catch public transport to the big games. One night after a match, they got off the bus and were walking up their street when Mydi said, “This street looks creepy”. Being a town planner, Daniel’s ears pricked up and he said, “What […]