Walking for all

The Vision – Walking for all ages and all abilities

Walking is universal – we all do it. From about the age of 12 months, we can walk and we don’t generally stop until we die. Walking is the most democratic, inclusive transport or means of getting around. You don’t need a licence or special equipment or money to walk.

Unfortunately many parts of our cities and towns have been designed and built in the second half of the twentieth century when cars have been the main way of getting around. Distances to important destinations like jobs and shops are now often longer and not always within easy walking distance. If they are, there may not be footpaths, shade, or other elements that make walking comfortable and easy.

We want to see and make Queensland a place where walking is simple, easy and seen as not just another way to get around, but the most viable and important form of transport and an easy form of recreation. That means advocating to make walking an easy and desirable option for everyone.

Sometimes this will be focused on walking facilities like a footpath, kerb ramp or crossing, sometimes it’s about an inviting place to walk to or it can also be about changing policy, legislation, or implementing and promoting programs. [needs to note outdoor / bushwalking]


What does a walkable street or neighbourhood look like?