We represent walking for all Queenslanders

Our new logo and why we chose it

News from Angela Wright, President, Queensland Walks.

Logos are important. Not just because they help people recognise a brand and its products or services. They also represent what’s at the heart of the organisation. Its values, its purpose, its community.

Queensland Walks is the peak body for walking in our state. Now in our 10th year, Queensland Walks is embarking on a new chapter in our journey. To mark this milestone, we are excited to present our new logo and branding, a visual representation of our inclusive mission and commitment to a healthier and walkable Queensland.

We work with an extensive network of people and organisations dedicated to promoting the benefits of walking, whether for transport, for recreation, and health, or simply as a means of connecting with nature or friends and family. Our work with the Queensland Walking Alliance is central to our collaborative work. 



The icon

We’ve refreshed our icon to celebrate our ten years as an organisation. The logo represents a pathway in green surroundings. It captures the essence of walking on a shaded path, for transport or recreation. 

The icon symbolises the act of walking as a journey, a destination, and a connection between two places. This resonates with the wide range of walking experiences Queenslanders can enjoy, while also acknowledging and including everyone who walks, rolls, and strolls.

The colours

The colour scheme of the icon further reinforces our organisation’s vision and values. The dominant green shade signifies nature, growth, renewal, and energy; core elements that walking brings into our lives. It embodies the vibrant and lush environment Queensland offers, inspiring individuals to explore and discover the beauty of their surroundings on foot.

Complementing this dominant green is the sophisticated elegance of black, describing our commitment to professionalism and credibility in advocating for a walking-friendly Queensland. 

A range of secondary colours has been developed to reflect seasonal changes, road and regional environments and country to further support the Queensland Walks work. 


The font

The new logo font is ASAP, a contemporary sans-serif with subtle rounded corners. It was chosen to convey an approachable and soft aesthetic, while ensuring optimal readability, a reflection of our organisation’s open and inclusive nature.

The ASAP family was designed by Pablo Cosgaya and includes four types; Frequent, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic. It performs especially well on screens, with standardised character width ensuring high readability across digital platforms. 


Our new logo encapsulates the spirit of Queensland Walks and our dedication to fostering a walking culture that is accessible and inclusive for all Queenslanders. It serves as a visual invitation to embrace the joy, and health benefits, and connection to our environment that walking provides. 

As we move forward, we will continue to empower individuals, communities, and decision-makers to recognise walking as a fundamental pillar of a thriving and sustainable Queensland.