Reporting Problems

You can report problems in a variety of ways:

    1. Report problems and suggest solutions directly to your local government by telephone, email or social media, especially if they require immediate attention. Council will need to know the location and details of the problem. Take a photo where possible.
    2. Use SnapSendSolve to notify your local council about simple problems like broken or damaged footpaths, illegal parking blocked Braille trails and broken lighting or signage. It is an easy and efficient way to notify local councils, utilities or other authorities of issues that need addressing in your community. Use SnapSendSolve to report abandoned trolleys to supermarkets and damage to utilities and telecommunications equipment. You can use the Snap Send Solve website to report the issue online or you can download the app to your phone.
    3. Request a walk-friendly improvement through Queensland Walks website. Queensland Walks regularly compile these requests and provide them to council and state government to improve walkability for all. You may notice something that is not in need of maintenance, but will help you walk easily and safely in the area. Use our online form to let us know.
    4. Use the Heart Foundation’s Community Walkability Checklist. Once completed, you can send it back to the Heart Foundation and each completed checklist will provide structured feedback to share with local councils and help identify community priorities for walking.

Is your road owned and managed by your local council or the state government? Go to the Queensland Traffic website to search for your road.