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Queensland’s public transport network, combined with its favourable climate and the availability of bicycle and walking tracks, makes it one of the best places to explore without a car. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, beach lover, or cultural explorer, Queensland offers an accessible and enjoyable experience for all.

Kids looove to walk. Every day is an adventure and walking to school builds a sense of independence. We worked with some local kids to help improve road safety around schools.

Miffy’s dad has joined TikTok and she’s not happy. Baxter says he needs to see it from the other side, just like drivers turning into a side street.

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Dr Robyn Littlewood enjoys walking with her dog

Dr Robyn Littlewood

Dr Robyn Littlewood is the CEO of Health and Wellbeing Queensland. She spoke to Queensland Walks about designing healthy spaces for all Queenslanders to be active. “Walking can be hard for the 900,000 Queenslanders who have a disability. With my father requiring a power wheelchair for mobility, I am reminded of this every day. He has incomplete quadriplegia but that doesn’t stop him, nor should it.”

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Isabelle’s Story: Advocating for a safe, inclusive and walkable world

“It’s wrong that women should have to be afraid so close to their home or anywhere,” she Isabelle. Later on this led Isabelle to advocate to her local councillor to get lights installed in the park. It took about a year to happen, but the lights were finally installed which improved the walkability in her local neighbourhood

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