There are 1310 steps between my house and school. I know because I counted them.

How are you travelling?

"There are 1310 steps between my house and school.

I know, because I counted them."

Queensland Walks Month is a celebration of walking!

Queensland Walks Month is a free, online celebration of walking, running, rolling and strolling.
Share your photos, your videos and your stories of where you walk in Queensland.

Every Body, Every Place

Queensland Walks Month, September 2021

Our 2021 Queensland Walks Month theme ‘Celebrate Walking: Every Body, Every Place’ is designed to focus on walking for all, and in all places in Queensland.

We aim to encourage Queenslanders to share walking stories, emphasise the importance and value of walking, and highlight ways to improve the walkability of our neighbourhoods. Anyone can get involved. It’s fun and free. 

You can participate individually and you can get a team, group or workplace involved to help motivate each other to walk more in Queensland. Share your walking adventures and go into the draw to win a range of great prizes. Gather your people, share your walks.

We invite you to:
register, promote and get involved.

QLD Walk Month 2021 Resources

Resources for promotion

We have created some information and promotional flyers for you to download and use. Print, email and share these to encourage your friends and family to register their teams.

Submit your story

Share your weekly photos, videos or walking story any time during Queensland Walks Month to be in the running to win one of our randomly drawn prizes.


Post your walking, running, rolling and strolling photos, video or story any time during Queensland Walks Month to be in the running to win randomly-drawn weekly prize packs.

Group or team

Win a $500 catered lunch for your group or team! Submit your walking group, workplace team or neighbourhood group photos via the Snap Send Solve app. Download the app, and use the ‘Community’, Queensland Walks – Walk Month report.

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Please read our Queensland Walks Month 2021 Competition Terms and Conditions

Queensland Walks would like to thank…

Queensland Walks gratefully acknowledges Queensland Walks Month 2021 campaign collaborators and donations provided and gratefully acknowledges the Queensland Government funding Queensland Walks Month 2021.

10,000 Steps
Heart Foundation
Queensland Government
Snap Send Solve

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Queensland Walks Month work?
  1. Register as an individual to participate
  2. Get your team, workplace, walking or running groups, or even neighbourhood group involved. Get them to register individually for more chances to win prizes.
  3. Share the campaign on socials, encourage friends to get involved, use our hashtags: #QLDWalksMonth #EveryBodyEveryPlace #QLDWalks #WeWalkQLD
  4. Take a weekly walking photo, walking video or write a walking story and share on the Queensland Walks Month website. Go into the running for weekly $50 prize packs
  5. Use the Snap Send Solve app to share your group or team walking photos. Go into the entry to win a $500 catered lunch of your choice
  6. Vote for your favourite entry (photo, video or written story).
Do I need to complete steps, or group walks to be part of Queensland Walks Week?

No, you don’t need to complete a set number of steps, minutes or kilometres to be part of the week! Whilst we encourage you to aim for 10,000 Steps per day or at least 30 mins of walking, Queensland Walks Month is about celebrating walking, encouraging you to notice your walking environment, and discover ways that we can improve the conditions for walking.

Do I need to be in a team or group to participate?

No! You need to register and participate in Queensland Walks Month as an individual, AND as a group if you would like to be eligible for both individual and the team prizes. It is not a requirement to be in a team or group however. We encourage each individual group or team member to register.

Do I need to submit my walking photo, video or walking story?

No you don’t have to submit any of your walks, however if you would like to be eligible to be in the weekly random prize draw, you will need to follow our competition Terms and Conditions. See further instructions on how to submit or upload below.

My work team now works from home, or group walks remotely, can we still be part of a team or group for Queensland Walks Month?

Yes! One of the great ways to connect with your team or group is by participating in Queensland Walks Month and sharing your photos, video or story online. We know that the workplace has changed, and we think Queensland Walks Month is a great way to stay connected to friends and colleagues. Don’t forget to register individually, and as a team to be involved.

How do I submit my photos, videos or stories?

Option 1 – Individual, submit your photo 

Option 2 – Individual, submit your video 

Option 3 – Individual, submit your written story

What should I take a photo or video of, or what story should I write about?

Queensland Walks Month encourages you to focus on the weekly themes to guide the stories you collect.

What are the weekly themes in September for walking, running, rolling and strolling?

Week 1: I walk for recreation (1 – 12 September)

Week 2. I walk for health (13 – 19 September)

Week 3. I walk for transport (20 – 26 September)

Week 4. Let’s talk walkability (26 September – 1 October)

What is Queensland Walks Month designed for?

Queensland Walks Month is designed to improve the health of Queenslanders by encouraging walking every day, promote better walking environments for all and connect the wider Queensland walking community. Queensland Walks Month has a focus on walking for transport, recreation, health, tourism and community connection as well as a call to action in support of more walkable spaces and places in our local communities.

Queensland Walks Month is a free, state-wide, community-based initiative for all ages and abilities together. Anyone can get involved and register as an individual and in groups such as families, friends, workmates, clubs and organisations. All participants are eligible for a range of fantastic prizes (see terms and conditions).

Can I donate my prizes to a charity or cause?

Yes, you can. The winning team in 2020 generously donated their winnings to Rosie’s street van in 2020! If you are one of the lucky prize winners, you are welcome to discuss how this might work. The design of the catered lunch is to support local hospitality that may have been negatively impacted over the last year. By supporting local, you are also helping improve the walkability of your local neighbourhood.

How do I get in contact with the organisers?

For resources to promote Queensland Walks Month or to discuss options to engage your local community please contact 

 Queensland Walks Month is hosted by Queensland Walks and supported by the Queensland Government, 10,000 Steps, Heart Foundation Walking and Snap, Send, Solve.

Queensland Walks is a community based membership organisation. We advocate for more walkable places for all ages and all abilities so that more Queenslanders will walk every day.

Our aim is to improve the conditions and profile of walking in Queensland. We support and encourage government, organisations and agencies to improve policy and funding priorities to enhance walking.

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