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Jane’s Walk 2024 Meadowbrook

Jane’s Walk 2024: Healthy Streets, Meadowbrook, Logan Tickets Queensland Walks and PIA QLD Women in Planning are excited to announce that we are hosting Jane’s Walk 2024. Jane’s Walk is an annual festival of free, community-led walking conversations inspired by urbanist Jane Jacobs, with the walks taking place in hundreds of cities around the world. […]

Dreamtime connections with Ben Barker

Walking is something our people have been doing for many thousands of years. Walkabout is the word we use to describe taking time out and going for a walk and connecting with land and country. And we still do that today. When you walkabout, you just get on the street and connect your feet to […]

Dr Robyn Littlewood

Dr Robyn Littlewood enjoys walking with her dog

Dr Robyn Littlewood is the CEO of Health and Wellbeing Queensland. She spoke to Queensland Walks about designing healthy spaces for all Queenslanders to be active. “Walking can be hard for the 900,000 Queenslanders who have a disability. With my father requiring a power wheelchair for mobility, I am reminded of this every day. He has incomplete quadriplegia but that doesn’t stop him, nor should it.”

Isabelle’s Story: Advocating for a safe, inclusive and walkable world

“It’s wrong that women should have to be afraid so close to their home or anywhere,” she Isabelle. Later on this led Isabelle to advocate to her local councillor to get lights installed in the park. It took about a year to happen, but the lights were finally installed which improved the walkability in her local neighbourhood

On the Rail Trail with Andrew Demack

Brisbane Valley Rail Trail

Seeking somewhere nice to walk? Why not try a rail trail! We’re all looking for somewhere pleasant to exercise. Somewhere with great scenery, somewhere quiet, away from the cars, away from the noise and stress of the city. Queensland has an amazing resource that celebrates the history of our state while providing a safe place to exercise. […]

Join the Queensland Walk Explore Steps Challenge


10,000 Steps team launched the Queensland Walk Explore Steps Challenge on 1st August. Supported by Health and Wellbeing Queensland and the Queensland Government through ActiveKIT Round 2, the Challenge is bringing all Queensland member’s steps together to try to reach more than a BILLION steps in August.

5 great South East Queensland walking destinations accessible by public transport


Tracy Kolbe-Alexander Prof Tracy Kolbe-Alexander is Associate Head of School (Research), and the program Discipline Lead for Public Health in the School of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Southern Queensland, as well as Honorary Associate Professor at the University of Cape Town (South Africa). The focus of Tracy’s research is on the […]

Men’s Walk and Talk: The power of human connection

Men's Walk and Talk

Mental health challenges continue to affect millions of men worldwide, and Queensland is no exception. The pressure to conform to societal expectations, financial stress, relationship issues, and other life stresses mean that at some stage, 1 in 7 men will suffer depression and 1 in five will experience anxiety. Men’s Walk n Talk was established […]

Bernie’s Story: Walking for health and happiness

Bernie's Story_Out Walking

Walking has always been a part of Bernie’s life. Now that he’s older, it’s his main form of exercise. Bernie has both Parkinson’s Disease and Type 1 Diabetes, but he refuses to be defined by his illnesses. “I see walking as a crucial part of my treatment. It helps me mentally and emotionally, as well […]