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Walk My Street

Walk My Street Checklist

How walkable is your street? Follow these steps to do a ‘walkability’ check of your street, or where you walk*.

This checklist will help you to see what your streets already have in place and whether there are any improvements that need to be made. Click ‘Yes’ on any statements that apply, and rate the quality out of 5 stars. Your information will be used to help advocate for improvements in the walking network.

If you would prefer to print off the ‘Walk My Street’ checklist, you can find the information here.

Download Instructions  and Download ChecklistIf you have a hardcopy Walk My Street upload here.

*Queensland Walks describes walking  to include walking, running, jogging, rolling and strolling with the help of a mobility device or support (electric or non-electric wheelchair, white cane, with a guide dog or walking frame). 

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Pedestrian Access

I have a sealed footpath on my street
My footpath is wide enough for 2-3 people
The footpath is well-maintained
My footpath is connected to other paths and continues to where I need to go
There is a ramp (kerb ramp or pram ramp) at the end of the footpath, or where I need to go, and a connecting ramp on the other side
The footpath is shaded and cool in summer and protects me from sun exposure and heat
I have a place where I can cross the road easily and safely without fear
There is a mid-block crossing, a zebra or raised priority crossing to get me safely across the street

Walking Environment

The vehicles in my street are slow enough that I feel safe walking
The noise quality and air quality in my street is good
There is a seat for me to rest when I need
There is lighting over paths to walk at night or during winter time
There are windows looking out over the street, in case I need help
There is a local shop, business or community place to walk to
There is a nice verge or gardens on my walk
There is a park or green space to walk to easily
There is a water fountain or a toilet nearby, or in the park or green space
I feel safe when I walk
My street makes me want to walk more often, and invite friends


There is a bus, train, ferry, tram or other public transport within walking distance to take me where I need to go
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