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Providing you with information to help improve walking in Queensland

Welcome to the Walk Hub: Making walking better. You will find information that helps you to see if your streets could be improved for walking, ways to report a problem, suggest improvements, or take action to tackle a bigger problem. There are links to existing information and resources for getting support. These tools and resources will help to improve walking in your streets, neighbourhoods, and communities across Queensland.

The Walk Hub: Making Walking Better has been made possible with Queensland Government funding.

Do you walk to reach a specific destination, for health or wellbeing, for recreation, or to connect with friends?

Queensland Walks has created our Walk Hub: Making Walking Better to provide you with the information to help you walk more every day, and help improve walking conditions in Queensland.

Are there places where you walk that could be improved?

Help your community to make walking better in Queensland in urban, rural, remote environments. 

Your involvement makes a difference.

There are many walking and running groups in Queensland  that encourage and coordinate people to walk (and run) together and alone, for health and recreation.

Find one that suits you.

A woman walks on the road at Lutwyche Bus Station due to the footpath being blocked

Improving conditions

Notice a problem with the footpath? Don’t walk past!

Reporting issues and requesting maintenance helps improve walkability in your neighbourhood. 

Practical Resources

Queensland Walking Strategy 2019–2029: sets the direction to make walking an easy choice for everyone, every day over the next 10 years.

Our Plan for Walking: An easy choice for everyone every day This second action plan under the Queensland Walking Strategy 2019–2029 sets out the practical actions the Queensland Government will invest in from 2022–2024 to create more walkable communities and encourage more people to walk.

Action Plan for Walking 2019–2021: lists the practical actions we need to do right now to grow walking, to be updated every 2 years.

Walking in Queensland Report 2019: provides a snapshot of current levels of walking in Queensland and baseline measures for monitoring our progress towards achieving the vision to ‘make walking an easy choice for everyone, every day’.

Queensland Walks works closely with the following walking programs. Find out more, and register for free.

10,000 Steps 

Heart Foundation Walking 

Queensland Walks encourages more walk-friendly places and spaces.  

Have you tried these fun walking sports?