Queensland Walks is governed by a Board of community members who volunteer their time to provide strategic direction and advice to support Queensland Walks to achieve its goals.

Our Board members reflect a diverse range of professional expertise and a strong  commitment to achieving the Queensland Walks purpose.

Michellle Wade

Michelle Wade

GAICD, President


Michelle is a strategic marketing and communications specialist, with 20 years’ experience working in the health, government, education and employment sectors. Michelle is the founder of Wade Marketing and has held senior executive positions within public health and not-for-profit organisations. She feels strongly that environmental factors in our communities are significant levers which can be modified to achieve sustainable improvements population health. She brings specialist knowledge in marketing, brand and communications strategy, digital transformation, multichannel service delivery and customer engagement strategy. Michelle holds a Masters of Commerce, major in Marketing and Human Resources and is a graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

ben wilson

Ben Wilson



“Walking for local trips, whether around my suburb or other cities when travelling is a vital part of my day. With the dog in tow, a child or a friend, conversation is easy and pleasurable. And your eyes are open to your world at a pace that you can see things more clearly than any other mode of transport. I really rate all the places I go by the walking experience. Queensland is good but can do better!”

jane hedger

Jane Hedger

General board member


Transformation Executive and Board Chair

Jane has a strong background in change management, leadership and transformation. Her extensive experience spans across both government and the not-for-profit sector.Having spent ten years teaching, Jane joined the Queensland Government in 1997. She has since held senior executive positions in Corporate Services, Media & Communications, Customer Experience, Information Technology and Organisational Change across a number of Government departments. In addition her consultancy The Culture Quotient, works with not for profit organisations and their boards on governance, strategy and workforce redesign across Australia and New Zealand. An experienced board member, Jane has a long history of community service and is committed to improving diversity and inclusion. Jane recently travelled to The Netherlands to complete studies in Futurism, and has a strong interest in digital disruption, workforce agility and organisational future-proofing. She believes that volunteering is about giving back to our community in a meaningful and useful manner, and taking the time and skills that we have to assist others who are in need in a way that is respectful and empowering of people and organisations.

Anetta Van Itallie

Anetta Van Itallie

General board member
10,000 Steps


Anetta is a keen walker from Central Queensland who is passionate about empowering people to look after their health and wellbeing. Anetta has been working with the Physical Activity Research Group at CQUniversity for over 16 years on many projects including the one closest to her heart – 10,000 Steps. Anetta believes there is power in partnerships, working together and acknowledging that everyone has a role to play to continue to improve the health of Queenslanders. True to her nature, she believes in balance and finding fun ways to stay active with her family and friends including walks in national parks, the beach, and around her local community!

anna campbell

Anna Campbell

Executive Officer


Anna Campbell has been the driving force at Queensland Walks in her capacity as a volunteer, general Executive Committee member and former President. 

Anna is passionate about walking for all people and making urban environments desirable, accessible and inclusive for all walkers so more people will be encouraged to walk. Anna’s experience in local government transport behaviour change programs such as Active School Travel and Travel Choice, and transport planning, physical activity health programs, advocacy and membership-based organisations benefits the growth and awareness of Queensland Walks.

Anna is a keen urban walker, local bush walker, slow runner and bike rider and enjoys free physical activity programs like Park Run, 10,000 Steps and walks with Heart Foundation Walking groups as well as enjoying green space in Queensland.

Anna is not keen on indoor gyms, and would prefer to see a tree or take a stroll with her family and friends and with the dog.


Andrea Mann

General board member


Andrea has a passion for health and fitness and enjoy encouraging others to be more active more often.  She works in a Sport & Rec Officer role for local government and delivers healthy and active programs for the community.  When Andrea is not at work, she is either walking my dogs or riding a bicycle.  She is also a Local Coordinator for Heart Foundation Walking and enjoy visiting the all of the walking groups for walks.  Being a part of Queensland Walks just makes good sense as Andrea truly believes we can achieve better conditions for pedestrians across Queensland and make the decision for a person to walk seamless and safe. Andrea lives in Townsville and brings a regional perspective to the organisation.