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Masimba’s story: Discovery through walking

Masimba’s story

Whenever Masimba moves to a new place, he likes to discover it through walking. “Walking is a way to build your confidence in a new place,” he says. “I am very curious, and I like to use my feet to discover and figure things out.” Being observant also feeds into his work as a photographer.

Arriving in Brisbane with his family, he wanted to discover it’s many aspects. “At first I wasn’t brave enough to explore too far on my own, so a friend took me walking to get to know where things are and how to get there.”

“I really encourage people to get out of their cars and use their feet to discover places. It’s fascinating to take a turn and come upon an unexpected laneway. You find yourself in a place with a completely different feel to where you just came from.”

Maps can be helpful when you’re learning about a new place, but he says that walking is an exercise in updating your own internalised map. “You come to realise how easy it is to walk somewhere. It’s often much closer and easier to get to than by car.”

Waking early and walking locally for about an hour in bush land is how Masimba often starts his day. “It’s a chance for alone time and deep thought. It also gives me space to call family and friends who are overseas and stay connected.”

Having lived in many places, Masimba is now keen to settle for a while with his family. He really enjoys Brisbane and loves the complexity of city life. He thinks a “welcome pack” for people new to Brisbane would help them to explore the city; as well as develop a walking program to help people get to know and engage with their neighbourhood.



Discovery through walking.

Words by Alison Durham.