Queensland Walking Alliance

The Queensland Walking Alliance is hosted by Queensland Walks.

The purpose of the Queensland Walking Alliance (QWA):

  • To bring together a number of the important stakeholders that relate and interact with walking in Queensland
  • The QWA commenced in May 2020 (after a short delay due to COVID-19)  and will continue as a funded project until October 2021
  • The aim of the QWA is to get more people walking everyday by providing a central voice for walking  (urban, regional and rural) with a focused approach to improving the walkability of Queensland
  • The responsibility of the QWA is to commit to a healthier and more connected Queensland by encouraging and supporting better walking facilities and more walking everyday.

We thank Hon Minister Mark Bailey, Minister for Transport and Main Roads (TMR), Adam Rogers -Director of Walking and Cycling, TMR, and the TMR Walking team for their time and presentations, and thank all the individuals and organisations who participated in the first QWA meeting. The second QWA meeting date will be announced soon.

Queensland Walks is grateful to the Queensland Government for funding this project as a part of the Queensland Walking Strategy.

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