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How a reporting app can help you walk more

Spotted an issue in your community like a broken path, a trip hazard, illegal parking, dumped rubbish, broken path lights or abandoned trolleys? Time to get Snapping!

Snap Send Solve is the free app that eliminates the complexity of knowing where and how to report incidents on the spot.  Snap Send Solve has made reporting quick and easy which means when you see an issue while you’re out, you can let the responsible authority know with only a few taps. While you’re out walking, use the app to report any issues on your way.

Snap Send Solve understands that residents don’t want to use separate apps for telcos, utilities, abandoned trolleys and their local council, that’s why they created one app that sends reports to the various and applicable authorities.

Not only does the platform assist local community members in notifying authorities of issues in their area, the Snap Send Solve platform can also seamlessly integrate into work management systems, improving both the cost and time efficiency of authorities. 

Snap Send Solve has partnered with Queensland Walks to emphasise the importance and value of walking, to empower and motivate individuals and groups to walk more every day, and to promote safe, clean and appealing footpaths and walking tracks.

Download the app and start Snapping, Sending and Solving today!