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Queensland Walks’ response to Brisbane City Council’s Draft E-Mobility Strategy

“I walk every day, as I do not own a car. Sharing footpaths (with e-mobility devices) is exceptionally difficult.”

“The speed at which they are allowed to travel endangers pedestrians, and I have been witness to many near collisions between scooter riders and elderly people.”

“There have been numerous times where I have had to step onto the road to avoid contact with scooters on a narrow footpath.”

“Clipped by handlebars numerous times, only slight bruises twice. Always from behind without warning. Once on crowded CBD wide footpath, others on approximately 1 meter wide footpaths with grass verge”.

Survey respondent, Walking and e-mobility Community Survey.

Queensland Walks has taken the time to review Brisbane’s Draft E-mobility Strategy which was released at the end of 2020.

In forming our position, Queensland Walks spoke with fellow organisations and the walking community, we conducted a community-based survey on  E-mobility and Walking,  and we spoke with ABC Brisbane Radio about the many concerns that the walking  community is having with the increased popularity of e-mobility and the use of e-mobility devices on the footpath.

Queensland Walks encourages all forms of active transport, however we need to ensure that the infrastructure is in place, and that people who walk are able to do so freely, safely, and be regularly and consistently encouraged to walk by good infrastructure, and good strategy and policy.

Read our Queensland Walks submission to Brisbane City Council in response the the release of the Draft E-Mobility Strategy.

Queensland Walks hosts a coalition of organisations and individuals with an interest in walking and active and public transport in Queensland. On February 25, 2021, The Queensland Walking Alliance met and decided that a submission to Brisbane City Council in response to the Draft E-Mobility strategy was needed.

The alliance formed a submission responding to our collective members’ concerns. Read the  Queensland Walking Alliance (QWA) submission to Brisbane City Council in response the the release of the Draft E-Mobility Strategy.

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