We represent walking for all Queenslanders

Anna Campbell talks to Steve Austin ABC Radio

We spoke to Steve Austin, ABC Brisbane Radio, about making our streets safer for walking

Friday 19 April 2024, Queens Street Mall, Brisbane

You can listen to the interview here [from 22 minutes]

Queensland Walks is alarmed about the number of people in Queensland who have been killed while they walk. In less than 4 months, as of 21 April 2024 we have lost 9 of our loved ones who were walking for transport, for recreation and for health.

They did not come home to their loved ones. 

Another 199 Queenslanders during this period have been admitted to hospital after being injured while walking.

Not only do pedestrian deaths as a result of road trauma impact us personally, it also has an economic impact  In 2018, Transport and Main Roads estimated that the cost of road trauma was $5 billion and is taking up roughly 15% of hospital admissions.

We also know that many pedestrian crashes and near-hits will continue to go unreported.

Pedestrian crashes can happen for many reasons, but for many crashes we are seeing people being hit by drivers because:

  • driving too fast for the location or the activities in the area
  • driving above the speed limit
  • running an amber / red light at the intersection
  • drink, drug or medication driving
  • driving when sick or tired
  • distracted driving e.g. using a mobile phone
  • failure to observe road rules such as not giving way to people walking across a slip lane, crossing at a street.

Every person belongs to someone, in some way, and no loss of life or injury is ok.

What are we recommending for Brisbane and Queensland safety for walkers?

  1. Brisbane City Council to revisit their pedestrian safety review called Move Safe Brisbane and we encourage Brisbane to step up on parts of their Walkable Brisbane Strategy, and budget commitments, especially Principle 3 “Safe: Walking in Brisbane is a safe travel option at all times of day and night”.
  2. The majority of streets where Queenslanders walk are on local streets, owned by local government. We ask for all local councils in urban areas to urgently focus on road safety especially for people who walk, roll, stroll, run and ride. It is local council’s responsibility to ensure that they provide safe streets and neighbourhoods so that our loved ones can walk to school, the shops or to public transport without risk or harm.
  3. Brisbane City Council, Queensland Police, Transport and Main Roads unite in an urgent Safety for People Walking Taskforce, engaging with stakeholders such as Queensland Walks and the Queensland Walking Alliance.

Thank you to ABC Brisbane Radio, Steve and the team for talking with Queensland Walks.