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Did you know that people who live in walkable neighbourhoods are more likely to know and interact with their neighbours and and have a stronger links to their community? Walkable neighbourhoods encourage more people to walk, roll and stroll. Walkable cities and suburbs are also good for local business, for mental and physical health, helping to improve road safety and helping reduce crime by having more people observing their neighbourhoods through passive surveillance.

Research found that people who live in car-dependent neighbourhoods, that is, where people must drive in and out of their suburb, that  there is an absence of community connectors and gathering places, preventing neighbours from socialising –  found report researchers at the Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health and Human Longevity Science at University of California San Diego.

Walkable neighbourhoods support healthy and connected communities. That’s why at Queensland Walks, we’re all about walk-friendly neighbourhoods. Is your street walkable? 

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A man with blue trousers and a beanie is walking along the footpath which has a shade awning over the footpath and in front of shops.

Walking Network Plans 2023-24

Walking Network Plans for Queensland announced for 2023-24 What do the following Queensland Councils have in common? Banana Shire Council Brisbane City Council Bundaberg Regional

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Isabelle’s Story: Advocating for a safe, inclusive and walkable world

“It’s wrong that women should have to be afraid so close to their home or anywhere,” she Isabelle. Later on this led Isabelle to advocate to her local councillor to get lights installed in the park. It took about a year to happen, but the lights were finally installed which improved the walkability in her local neighbourhood

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