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Walking Artists

Queensland Walks believes that walking, transport, recreation and the arts are interlinked.
We are excited to introduce our very first walking artist during Walk Week, Ange Heffer who created our beautiful illustrative work aptly titled ‘Queensland Walks’. You can read more about Ange Heffer below.
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Introducing Walk Week 2020 artist Ange Heffer

Hi! My name is Ange and three of my loves are walking, art and people watching. I live in Rockhampton, right on the Fitzroy River, five kilometres from the city centre. My family and I chose this location because of its peaceful and picturesque surroundings which we share with animals including pelicans, echidnas and platypuses.
Central Queensland is home to amazing mountains, beaches, caves and Botanic Gardens which I love to explore on weekends. On weekday mornings you will find me walking on the local roads, re-usable bag in hand, picking up rubbish and recyclables.
Of course I’m also looking out for the next person who will join my growing bank of illustrations known on Instagram as @cqpeoplewatcher. Everyday people, doing everyday things are a never-ending source of drawing inspiration for me.
Ange Heffer, aka cqpeoplewatcher