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Treasure Hunt for Queensland Walks Month, Week 3: Walking for transport

Walking for transport: Treasure Hunt!

Do you need inspiration for taking your Queensland Walks Month photo, your video or writing your walking, running, rolling or strolling story this week? Here are some ideas with a walking to public transport treasure hunt!

Nine ways to make your walking more fun! 

  1. PUBLIC TRANSPORT. Find your favourite choice of public transport. Snap a photo.
  2. BUS STOP. Write a quick story about your bus stop, snap a photo. Tell us what you think. 
  3. SHADY PATH. Find a shady path on the way to the shops, take a video and tell us!
  4. PATHS TO TRANSPORT. Find a path leading to the best seat on the way to work or school, write about it, take a photo.
  5. WALKING MEETING. Invite your work colleagues or friends for a walking meeting. Screen shot!
  6. SAFE CROSSING. Find the crossing to the station or bus. Snap it! Share it.
  7. WHEELS. Find the public transport wheels: take a video.
  8. RAINBOW SHOES. Take a photo of as many colours of shoes on your walk.
  9. COFFEE TRAILS. Show was your favourite café, shop or business that you walk to. Tell us why you love them. Snap them on socials and include Queensland Walks.


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