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What Australia wants research: Heart Foundation

NEW! What Australia Wants

What Australia Wants: Living locally in walkable neighbourhoods is the Heart Foundation’s latest community research understanding the type of neighbourhood consumers would like to live in.  This robust research, which surveyed 2,895 everyday Australians nationwide, gathers community sentiment on what makes neighbourhoods desirable, liveable and healthy – all set within the Healthy Active by Design framework and principles.

In summary: Active communities

Australians surveyed said that cycling routes, traffic calming measures and sports facilities are suboptimal, with more than a third rating these as fair / poor, or that their area does not have the feature at all.
Most Australians feel that it’s important to be able to be active in their local area, primarily because:
• they feel it provides them a sense of belonging and safety,
• they enjoy being outdoors, and
• because it’s good for their health and wellbeing.

To be more active in their neighbourhoods, this survey found that Australians want:
• more walking and running trails,
• more sports and recreational facilities, and
• improved safety in streets and public spaces.

This report reveals that convenient access to fresh food (90%), a sense of safety (88%) and natural elements, such as trees and plants (83%) were the most important neighbourhood attributes. Click here to find out what else Australians want to see in their neighbourhoods.

The Heart Foundation is making the full report, including State and Territory data summaries publicly available to affect positive changes in policy for physical activity, active transport, healthy eating, and healthy built environments. Please tell your local Councillor, State or Federal member all about What Australia Wants! Use the following link: https://healthyactivebydesign.com.au/resources/publications/what-australia-wants-report