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You will likely agree that walking, running, rolling and strolling is great. Walking is a wonderful way to be active and to clear your mind, and an excellent way to get to where you need to be. Walking is for purpose or for pleasure.

Whether walking the dog around the block, strolling with the kids to school, rolling to the bus, or walking and running through some magnificent Queensland nature, we all enjoy walking and know that it is a sustainable option that also benefits all of us.

You probably also agree that we should be creating an environment whereby the choice to walk, roll or stroll is an easy and safe option for everyone of every age, and an option that we all feel comfortable to choose every day.

Queensland Walks works with governments, organisations, and all parts of the community to raise the profile and importance of walking and create better environments for everyone to be able to walk, stroll and roll. We envisage healthier Queenslanders living in walkable neighbourhoods where they walk more often, every day. Accessible and inclusive. 

Queensland Walks would like to thank the Department of Transport and Main Roads for their funding to make the Walk Hub possible. The Walk Hub is designed to provide people with guidance and ideas so that everyone can easily identify problems where they need to walk, and propose solutions. We hope that you find this useful and thank you for your help in making it easier to walk, and encourage better designs for places where people walk.

We encourage you to help our work by becoming a friend or financial member of Queensland Walks and sharing your walking stories with us.

A woman walks on the road at Lutwyche Bus Station due to the footpath being blocked

Improving conditions

Need to know who owns or manages a Queensland Road? Reporting a problem? 

Don’t walk past! Reporting issues and requesting maintenance helps improve walkability in your neighbourhood. 

Practical Resources

Queensland Walking Strategy 2019–2029: sets the direction to make walking an easy choice for everyone, every day over the next 10 years.

Action Plan for Walking 2019–2021: lists the practical actions we need to do right now to grow walking, to be updated every 2 years.

Walking in Queensland Report 2019: provides a snapshot of current levels of walking in Queensland and baseline measures for monitoring our progress towards achieving the vision to ‘make walking an easy choice for everyone, every day’.

Queensland Walks works closely with the following walking programs. Find out more, and register for free.

10,000 Steps 

Heart Foundation Walking 

Queensland Walks encourages more walk-friendly places and spaces.