What is Walking?

When we talk about walking, we’re talking about walking, rolling and strolling – often called a ‘pedestrian’. The word ‘pedestrian’ can be dehumanising, so we prefer to say people who walk, roll or stroll.

When we refer to walking, we use the Queensland Government’s definition of walking,  rolling and strolling:

‘When we talk about walking, we also include jogging, running and moving with the help of a mobility device (such as a wheelchair, mobility cane or a walking frame).’ 

Who Walks?

Walking includes people walking with or without a cane, in wheelchairs, walking frames or using other devices like mobility scooters. We also include  jogging and running when we refer to walking. Walkers can be of any age, and we would like to see people walking from as young and continuing for as long as possible! Walking is medicine for many, both for physical and mental health.

Why Walk?

People walk for a wide variety of reasons. People walk to reach a specific destination, like work or school or the local shops. People walk for exercise or wellbeing, like taking a walk around the block or going for a bushwalk. Other people walk for recreation, to connect with friends or because they don’t drive. People walk short or long distances. People walk fast or slow.

All of us enjoy a good walk, roll or stroll whether for leisure or commuting. It’s important for our infrastructure and neighbourhoods to help everyone have access to comfortable, safe spaces for walking.