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A walkable Caloundra transport corridor

Queensland Walks was recently contacted by a member and Friend of Queensland Walks about concerns with the proposed Caloundra transport corridor upgrade.

Sunshine Coast Council is proposing a major road project in Caloundra. The project includes: 5 signalised intersections. A road through Ben Bennett Park from Nicklin Way. Widening of Oval Ave and Third Ave to 4 lanes (5-6 at intersections). A road through parkland from Bowman Rd to Omrah Ave. Information about the project can be found on the Sunshine Coast Council’s website.





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Article supplied by local Caloundra resident:

“Evidence from around the world is clear, increasing road capacity increases traffic and does not provide a long term solution to congestion. We acknowledge that access to Caloundra for all vehicles, including bicycle riders is limited and that another access is potentially justified. However, the proposed access provides an arterial style road (of a similar scale to Caloundra Road)  and is expected to severely impact amenity and walkability in the Caloundra area. It is also expected to increase delays and safety issues for people including many children walking and riding between key attractors in the town including the high school, sports precinct, shopping centre and RSL.

We would advocate for a more modest traffic solution that is appropriate for the town and the area.
Our solution could be:
  • A two-lane road with a  maximum speed limit of 50km/hr
  • Low speed roundabouts with raised zebra crossings on each leg to provide for people walking and cycling
  • Retain the zebra crossing between Stockland shopping centre and path/drainage alignment between cricket ovals….
  • Pathways, street trees and appropriate single stage crossings along the alignment, so that pedestrians are not forced to store and wait in the middle of a five lane road
  • Terminating the project at Bowman Road to avoid impacting valuable open space, and retain trees, creek and opportunities for improving use of this remaining natural area. This has established trees and provides high amenity and is part of the most direct route between the CBD and Stockland Shopping Centre for people walking and riding. It’s also a beautiful part of the town that should not be converted into a new road.”