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Take a Dad for a walk this Father’s Day

Father’s Day, by Aasha

My dad loves exercising, loves getting outdoors and loves spending time with his kids, of course.

While we all live busy lives it’s always nice to occasionally find time to spend time together, whether that be walking down to the shops, walking the dog or even the rare bush walk. It always nice to get out and spend time together, especially on Father’s Day. The day we spend appreciating how much he does for us and telling him how much we love him.

Each year we do something slightly different, but it often involves some sort of breakfast or brunch and then we clamber on down to whoever’s sports game has landed on Father’s Day that year. It may not be the most glamorous of traditions, but it is always fun.

This year we have two games to see but all the more fun for it, as we head down as a family to our local soccer club, sunscreen up and have a kick around with the ball. When games begin, we cheer and call out, at half time often meeting up to strategize or heading on to the field for shots at goal. The competition is rife between siblings, each one trying to win their game as a gift for dad on Father’s Day.

This of course is not the only gift we give him, this year we’ve decided to take him out to one of the many tree-top challenges around Queensland. An amazing adventure experience, where you can walk and climb among trees in Queensland’s beautiful rainforests. It’s a new experience for us were you get to see even more of Australia’s natural wonders and explore differently. For our family Father’s Day is the time to get out, get moving, spend time together and sometimes do a little exploring.


Where are you taking your Dad for a walk in Queensland? Tell us!